Bill Naughton is the most successful writer to come from Bolton. He is best remembered for three films: Alfie, The Family Way and Spring and Port Wine, the latter two unequivocally set in Bolton.  He won many prizes for his work between the late 1950s and 1970s and his importance to Bolton is deep rooted.  Revivals and spin offs of his work have been regularly performed at the Octagon, following a tradition set right from the theatre’s opening night in November 1967.  The first play performed there was Naughton’s Annie and Fanny about a group of Lancashire workers on a coach trip to Italy. Naughton is also well known for children’s books, such as My Pal Spadger and collections of short stories such as The Goalkeeper’s Revenge; his work studied in schools for decades.  His autobiographies, published at the end of his life and much of his fiction draw heavily from his childhood in Unsworth Street, off Derby Street, Bolton between the Great War and the start of World War Two.