Here's a brief out line of Bill's life and works

1910 Bill was born in Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo, Ireland
1914 Naughton Family moved to Bolton
1915-24 Bill was educated at SS Peter & Paul School
1924-39 Worked as a weaver, coal bagger & driver
Married Anne (Nan) Wilcock and had three children,
Marie, Larry and Sean. Sean died in infancy. The
Marriage ended in 1950

Worked as an observer for Mass Observation.

Started an affair with Austrian Sociologists Gertrude Wagner


Moved to London as a Civil Defence driver -

following Gertrude as by this time his marriage had broken down

First story 'Ghost Driver published in London Evening
Short Stories published in London & Manchester
Evening News, other papers and Lilliput magazine
1945 'A roof over your head' (pilot Press)
1946 'Pony Boy' (Pilot Press)
1947 'Rafe Granite' (Pilot Press)

Met Ernestina Pirot, au pair for Gertrude

Gertrude returns to Vienna with the two children, Barney & Michael,

she had with Bill.

1952 Married Erna Pirolt
1957 One Small Boy (MacGibbon & Knee)
1957 My Flesh, My Blood (The Mermaid Theatre)
1958 'June Evening' (BBC Radio Third Programme)
1959 'Late Night on Watling Street' (MacGibbon & Knee)
1960 'June Evening' TV play
1961 'The Goal Keeper's Revenge' (Harrap)_
'All in Good Time' (The Mermaid Theatre)

'Alfie Elkins  and His Little Life'

(BBC Radio Third Programme

1963 'Alfie' (the Mermaid Theatre)
1966 'Alfie' (Lewis Gilbert, Film)
1966 'The Family Way' (John Boulting, Film)
'Alfie' & 'The Family Way' won Screenwriters Guild
Awards for Best British Screenplay and nominated
for an Academy Award (Oscar).
Bolton Octagon opened with a performance of
'Annie and Fanny'
1968 Bill and family moved to Isle of Man
1970 'Spring and Port Wine' (Michael Medwin, Film)
1985 Nan Wilcock, Bill's first wife, died.
'On the Pig's Back' (OUP)
published and won Portico Prize
1988 'Saint Billy' (OUP)
1992 Bill Naughton died of a stroke
1992 'Alfie' at Bolton Octagon for their Silver Anniversary
1995 'Neither Use Nor Ornament' (Bloodaxe)
2000 'Voices from a Journal' (Lilliput)
2009 'The Dream Mind' (Arcadia Books)